Book Review: Asta in the Wings

Um. Where do I begin? Asta in the Wings revolves around a young girl and her brother and their relationship/separation from their neurotic mother who sheltered them from the outside world. The mother leaves their house for work and when she doesn’t return one evening, the children are forced to wander into society on a search for her. Terrified and not used to anyone or anything, the reader follows Asta and her brother Orion as they navigate around children of the same age, and their neighborhood, while discovering the true location of their mother who becomes unable to care for them.

I think the novel had a great premise, however, it seemed to fall short and only focused on a very very short time after the discovery of the children’s mothers. When the book ended, I didn’t feel like I had a complete understanding of the mother and that Asta herself was a underdeveloped character. I think there was/is great potential for this book to tell a story and not a narrative of an event, which is what I wished it would have done. I’d read it if you were interested in the concept of essentially brainwashing your children against the outside world, but not for the storyline which falls flat.


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