Project 25: Gym Engagement

Let’s talk about your my experience at gyms and health clubs. I belong to a major national gym chain called Ballys and have been a faithful member for about 4 years. For $35 a month, I have access to all facilities across the nation, not just my local Ballys. However, in the three Ballys that are either near my home or on my way home, there is not 1 club that I’m completely satisfied with. The best one is where my work is located and it’s medium sized, clean, has a great Kwando class, etc. However, its always packed, parking is horrible, and there just isn’t enough space for all the people that attend the club.

The Ballys that is literally 7 minutes from my home is terrible. There’s really nothing else to say. It’s small, outdated and there are not enough machines period. I hate it. The third one, I just don’t go to because it is out of my way.

So I decided to head to my local Life Time Fitness to check out the facility and see if I could score a free 1 day pass. I planned to take a little tour, chat with the staff and get a free workout out. I ended up purchasing a membership … while still having my Ballys membership. What?!

It’s true. I was blown away and by the end of the tour I handed over my Visa and signed up. $168 later, I put in a 1.5 hour workout and left smiling. Unheard of. I started thinking on my way out about the girl that gave me a tour. Her official title was Engagement Advisor. Life Time Fitness (and many mega health clubs that are similar) are not just selling a workout routine or machine use, but are selling an experience that makes customers excited to use their facility…excited to belong. The facility is completely updated, its HUGE with tons of cardio and basically customers never have to wait for machines, there’s an indoor and outdoor swim pool, sauna, spa, rock climbing wall, 2 full-court gyms, the list goes on and on. So much of what has been my struggle lately has been the drudgery of mundane, unsatisfying gym experiences.

I see opportunity in my new gym membership. Instead of working out and then picking up clothes or food to “treat” myself, I can work out and then head to the outdoor pool to relax or go for a swim, I can get a discounted massage, I can pick up a healthy smoothie instead of ice cream. There’s positive opportunity.

I think there’s something to be said about what you want from your relationship with your work out. What works for you and your body? What keeps you motivated? If you can smile thinking about when you workout, or excited to get to your next work out, then I think it’s only positivity to get you to your health goals. Thoughts?


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