Project 25: The Workout

I’m getting my cardio in with an app I downloaded for $1.99 from the App store on my iPhone. It’s called Couch to 10K (aka C210K) and will essentially prepare you to run in a 10 K in about 13 weeks. The great part is that it really starts you off slow as if you have never run before in your life. With super long walking intervals in between your runs. I like to walk at a 3.5 speed and run around a 5.5 or 6 speed. It’ll make you sweat and before you know it, you’ve put in a good 45-50 minutes on a treadmill. In week 2 I was scorching around 430 calories from just cardio!

Just wanted to give a quick update on what my workouts are looking like …

  • Week 1 : 15 minute warm up on elliptical

– Days 1-3 of Couch to 10 K: 5 minute walk/warmup, 30 second run, and 4:30 walk, 8 times (46 minutes)

-Lifting for 20 minutes, arms and legs.

  • Week 2

– 15 minute warm up on elliptical

-Days 1-3 of Couch to 10K: 5 minute walk/warmup, 1 minute run and 4 minute walk, 9 times (51 minutes)

– 20 minutes of lifting (targeting arms and legs)

What is your work out regimen?



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