Project 25: Workout Update and 200th Post!

I’ve been really pushing myself the past week, in a good way. I’ve gone to the gym when I didn’t want to. I’ve put in full effort and put in a full cycle of my C210K running program, which basically means that I didn’t quit and completed each day completely! I’m now on week 3, day 1 which is a 5 minute warm-up, then run for 1:30 and walk for 3:30 ten times. I also put in a 15 minute warm up on the elliptical before the run to loosen my limbs up!


This week I’m going to incorporate some more lifting to get these muscles in shape and also try out Zumba at my gym! Nervous excitement? Yes! The best part is that I’m not really denying myself treats. I’m having what I want but staying mindful of portions and stearing clear of pop (aka..soda…I’m from Chicago!) and sweets (e.g. no candy!).  This past weekend was a festival that my friends and I always attend every year … and sure, I drank but I made sure to workout before I went out, as well as eat before I went out. That way I wouldn’t feel guilty about the beer I drank and also wouldn’t feel tempted to nosh on some festival treats if I was out.

I’ve noticed that my pants are fitting loser and I’ve been getting compliments that I look better. I really think its mainly due to getting off the pop and drinking mostly water, unsweetened tea (Lipton is like crack for me!) and 1 coffee a day. It’s just less bloat. I did weigh myself yesterday and almost squealed in delight as the scale flashed 189 back at me. Yep! I started at 195 back on May 31st and am 6 lbs lighter, 2 weeks later! It gives me more motivation to get to the gym and eat better!! My BMI last week was 29.6 and is now 28.7. I’m still in the overweight BMI category (25-29.9) but am inching to normal! (18.5-24.9).


So, STAY MOTIVATED PEOPLE! You can do it! And you’ll feel soooo much better! Smiles are free and you want all the smiles you can get!


This is my 200th post! Woo hoo for me! Reflecting back on this blog for the past year, I’m still unsure what the “point” is except for me to get my thoughts and stuff out there for what I’m current going through or jonesin over or what not. I’m still in love with all that is home design, fitness, movies, books, randomness, etc. Maybe one day I’ll have a concrete focus 🙂


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