Project 25: Couch to 10K Update

As part of Project 25, I’ve been plowing through my Couch to 10K program. I’m on week 4, Day 2 and just started on June 3rd. If you do the math, that’s only 20 days folks … less than 4 weeks. I think it’s because I don’t complete it during scheduled days, and do it when I feel like running. So yes, shame on me … but I’ve run consecutive days a few times. The only problem that I’ve been having is sore calves but other than that I feel good. My runs are getting longer and I’ve been able to push my actual running times to a 6 speed instead of my usual 5.5. I did suffer a bit of bubble bursting when this ultra pretty girl came in the gym with her Ken-doll boyfriend and she started out at a 7.9 then pumped to an 8.0 for 1 mile straight. One day my friends … one day!


Week 4 has me on 2 minute runs and 3 minute walks. My first day was a long one at a total of 62 minutes. Needless to say that I was so worn out (but feeling great about my accomplishment) that I didn’t have time to lift weights before having to head home to let the pup out. I have been doing some work on the machines and free weights but I am kinda lost in the weight lifting area. I haven’t lifted since college and that was 7 years ago (sheesh!). I do have a fit test scheduled with a personal trainer on Friday, so I’m excited to see what comes of that and then I have 1 free personal trainer session at my gym to get me started.

Today’s my off day with working out and I plan on the fit test and trying yoga tomorrow! Then a 52 minute run on Saturday morning before all the exciting weekend festivities kick in for Chicago Pride! Have a great weekend everyone!

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