Book Review: The Four Seasons

Mary Alice Monroe brings a story of 4 sisters alive at the death of the youngest sister. The Season sisters Birdie, Merry, Jilly and Rose weave a tale of tragedy from their childhood days that impacted all of their lives, as well impacted their growth as adults. The book was interesting not only because it took place in Evanston, IL (which I live close to!) but because the tragedy between all 4 of them and how it separates them at first and then brings them back together.


We learn about Merry’s childhood accident that changed her and her sisters lives together. We learn about Jilly’s haunting past that impacts not only her future but also how it impacts her relationship with her sister Birdie. We learn how Birdie struggles to be perfect in every aspect of her life and still cannot form direct connections with those most important to her, her husband and child. We learn how Rose’s life circles around care for Merry which causes her to reach out to others via the internet because she cannot leave Merry to fend for herself. Rose becomes the primary caretaker as Jilly and Birdie move on with their adult lives.

The book is moving and the story that is told is really interesting. It’s a good read if you’re looking for a great family tale of 4 sisters that truly love each other.


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