DMB Caravan

The DMB Caravan came to Chicago the weekend of July 8-10th testing out a new setup of their usual annual tours. The band has been touring for the past 20 years, constantly selling out when they hit a town. Well, the guys decided to slow down and cancel their summer tour altogether for the 2011 season. But when March approached, they realized how much they missed playing together but still didn’t want to be tossed all over the country for the entire summer. So they settled on the idea of 4 three-day festivals throughout different areas of the country. Their first stop? The east coast in Atlantic City June 24-26th. Then their second stop was their only midwest date in Chicago from July 8-10th. They’re last two stops will be in New York, NY in August and closing out in George, WA in September.

I haven’t been to Dave in 3 years and DMB is my absolute favorite band of all time. So I jumped on the deal and snapped up 2 three day passes. The festival theme is key because although DMB headlined a full set every night, they weren’t the only amazing band there. Concertgoers were treated to music from G. Love, Ray LaMontagne, Kid Cudi, Liz Phair, O.A.R. and Ben Folds just to name a few. It was awesome! I have to admit the only downfall was the parking situation leaving the venue the first night…we sat in the car for 2.5 hours as they squeezed about 30,000 cars through 1 exit. Not smart!

The music was amazing though and the food and vendor selections were on target. Prices were not so inflated and my friend and I even got the chance to jump into a new Jeep and take a ride with a Jeep driver on a concourse at the festival…a highlight! It. was. fun. Is anyone else planning on catching DMB Caravan on their additional dates? Or hitting any concerts this summer?


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