Book Review: Born Bad (or the book I never made it through)

Let me first start off by saying I have a bachelor’s degree in English-Writing. Because of my degree and my consistent book reviews, it can be inferred that I love to read. I will go through great lengths to force myself to finish a book that I’m not getting into, because usually the end gets you wrapped up in the story. I believe that because of my education, that I am a person that enjoys a variety of books: fiction, non-fiction, novels, novellas, etc. I also enjoy a variety of topics.

So when I picked up Josephine Cox’s Born Bad on that super clearance sale at Borders a few short months ago, I thought the cover and the topic were good enjoy to give a great cozy read. The book circles around Harry who had a love affair with a much younger girl named Judy. Due to some circumstances, their young love did not grow and Harry moved on with his life while Judy left behind her unsupportive family to fend for herself. Harry’s wife dies of cancer and he acknowledges her last wishes by moving back to the town he grew up in with the woman (not his mother) that raised him, to help care for his young son, Tom. Lives intertwine and he begins to think about young Judy and their history.

What I felt was strange was how he could hop back and forth between strong, intense feelings for his wife and then immediately into strong intense feelings for the woman he left behind. There was no room to really hammer out those feelings and they seemed to be out of place in the book and delivered and inappropriate times. Paragraphs were painfully repetitive. It seemed that the same sentence was repeated over and over again throughout a paragraph where at one time I remember putting the book down in frustration because I wanted the write to just get on with the point. This was a primary reason why I had to stop reading the book. It felt like a waste of time. I rarely just give up on a book and was so disappointed when I just felt I couldn’t stay engaged enough to read and then found myself no longer leisurely reading. I spent 6+ hours on a flight recently and didn’t touch my book! So, I wouldn’t recommend this piece by Josephine. Maybe her other works are worth while.


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