Ke$ha + LMFAO

I am not 13 years old. But I will now be the first person to admit that you must be 13 years old to appreciate all that is Ke$ha. My friend Courtney and I scored free tickets to the LMFAO/Ke$ha concert this past week. LMFAO was actually awesome…their energy is ridiculous. They played all their best hits and had some hilarious, awesome dance moves. They were a great opening act and I honestly kinda wished they were the headlining act.

Then. Ke$ha came on. So her music is raunchy and she has a ton of party hits … but I always thought she was trashy or “sleazy” as she likes to say. I guess I never realized the trashiness until I saw it in person. First of all, her audience members seriously had an average age of 13 years old and a lot of little girls were consistently being plucked out of the concert for under age drinking. Secondly, if girls weren’t there on their own, they had parental chaperones. I can honestly say that Ke$ha would not be a concert that I would take my young daughter to. She’s not about girl power and fun. She’s about drinking, getting trashed, and disrespecting your own body as a female to conquer males. Not cute.

I would want my daughter to have someone to look up to. Not someone that chugs Budweiser on stage and then spits it out, that talks about sleeping with guys and partying all night long … that’s just something that didn’t sit well with me. I understand that Ke$ha hasn’t faked her persona at all. People know what they’re signing up for when they see her. They expect her to be like this. But at some point during her tour, doesn’t she realize that most of the faces staring back up at her are too young to party? That the message she is sending these girls is that it’s ok to be trashy and disrespect yourself and others? I don’t know … didn’t really sit well with me. Plus, I’m pretty sure she was lip-syncing the entire time and my friend and I couldn’t even make it through three songs. Apparently, we’re definitely no longer 13!


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