Project 25: Getting Over the Hump

I’ve been in a pretty bad hump the past month and have been slacking majorly on my running! I have been doing week 5 over and over again because I was terrified to tackle the 73 minute Week 6, Day 1 that loomed ahead of me. Even now, it hurts 🙂

But I decided to go for it and just try to finish it. To prove to myself that I could do it. And, I won. I’m not going to lie, the longer 3 minute running intervals wore my out a lot sooner than my usual 2:30 minute stretches. At minute 40 I was pooped and I still had 33 minutes to go. But I plowed through. The last 19 minutes were really hard. 2 minutes into each running interval I started to get a headache but then it would go away when I was in the 2 minute walking segment. But I did it. I didn’t stop or slow down. I didn’t take a break. I finished. And that was the best feeling ever. Now, I don’t have another major 70+ minute run until week 9 which is a 71 minute run with 7 minute intervals. Yuck! I’m just so excited to have jumped this major hurdle and continue on with week 6!!


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