Selling on C*List

I’m moving … and in an effort to save money, I’m targeting a much smaller unit to move myself and my precious Ella-bar-ba-rella into. Much smaller = studio apartment (cringe!). I have creeping images of not-so-bad studios that I can fully function in …

I have a feeling  that whatever unit I end up in, it won’t be as glorious as the ones above. ::le sigh:: Apartment shopping begins tomorrow, so we shall see what I end up with! No on to the nitty gritty of this post … PURGING!
Because I have a move coming up and I realize that my living quarters, although tiny now, will be uber small in the coming month or two. So, I need get rid of a lot of unneccessary items. Firstly, I’m selling my appliances. More on that in October when everything is all said and done and I can actually talk about it … but yes, the stove and microwave are gone. Old school TV, couch, entertainment center, dresser, etc. are plastered all over Craigslist. I decided to try to sell my items on Craigslist first before trying to donate them. Here are some rules of the road:
  • Price to sell! (You’re not taking them with you right? Get as much bang for your buck as you can, but remember that its the buck that matters more than the bang!)
  • Take pictures! (People love to see what they’re buying, especially off the internet! Make sure you take enough snaps of the item you’re selling so that they buyer can get the best idea of the shape your item is in)
  • Details, details, details! (Too much detail will drive your readers to boredom, but just enough of the basics will get them interested and wanting more!)
  • Respond timely! (Everyone hates being ignored. So respond timely to email inquiries and offer as much information about your product as you can…keep in mind that these people are also putting themselves out there and offering you their moola!)
  • Negotiate! (If your potential buyer is trying to bring you to the cleaners with their “best offer” … negotiate! If they do not accept your price and you’re uncomfortable going lower, walk away! You have the power of ‘no’ also! Even if it means losing the sale)
  • Buddy up! (Never be at your place alone if someone is picking up an item. Chances are they will be bringing someone with them and you never know who you’ll run into on Craigslist…so buddy up and have some company)
Most of all, have fun! It’s like a sloooowww garage sale. But if you can get your items out the door, thats the best feeling in the world … all those dollar bills in your hands!

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