Just Some Stuff…

I’m pretty much all moved into the new apartment. Now it’s all about putting things away, purging the things I no longer use/need, donating things that I can, and decorating! I have a planned IKEA trip coming up soon and am ultra excited. You would think it would be because of the amazingness that is IKEA and all the decorating fun that it ensues, but no, it is because their hotdogs are amazeballs and I love them. For 50 cents, you cannot beat an IKEA hot dog!

I have a work trip coming up also! My first solo work trip to the other side of the country.  Needless to say, I’m excited for my first trip to California…ever!

Then I have the end of the month/early October rounded out with two old friends getting hitched! It’s definitely going to be a jammed pack few weeks as my work travel kicks into gear and my personal life tries to intertwine. I hope everyone has a great wrap up of September! Happy Fall!

source: weheartit.com

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