Book Review: The Girl I Used to Be

The Girl I Used to Be by David Cristofano

This was actually a super interesting read that I completely ate up and finished in two days. Mind you, I did have time to finish this book, but I found myself thinking about the characters in between reading breaks, which kept me drawn back to the story repeatedly.  The story is an interesting concept, written by a man, it circles around a 26 year old female named Melody Grace McCartney who enters the federal Witness Protection Program after herself and her parents witness a gruesome murder at an Italian restaurant.  A little bit predictable, in that in revolves around Italian-mafia style family systems, it’s not the plot that will capture your interest, it’s the characters. The main character is fully developed. I felt like I knew Melody, or whoever her alias was at the time, and was so intertwined in her life that I understood her struggle to stay alive while maintain her true self.

The love interest, because there’s always a love interest, was the star-crossed lover Romeo and Juliet type … the son of the man Melody has spent her life hiding from. The story develops where you want them to be together, of course, and for all the bad stuff to leave them in peace.  I’d recommend this book for anyone jonesing for a good on-the-run love story. It’ll definitely hold your interest.



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