Thus begins an obsession. I spotted my first Pinkberry this past week in Cali and didn’t think much of it except for an “Aha!” moment. The next day, I found myself on the hunt for the closest location and tried Pinkberry for the first time. God, what can I say about this new love affair? The freshest frozen yogurt I’ve ever had with such a sweet tanginess … it comes in a variety of flavors (chocolate, watermelon, coconut, peanut butter) but the original flavor has my heart.  The toppings are fresh and comes in such sweet fruitiness that it’s hard to not want to pack it in with every fruit available. Then … then…there are still goodies such as nuts, candies, cereals (HELLO Captain Crunch!) chocolate shavings, etc.

It was so delish that I’ve been craving it…and got it 2 days in row! And. I got a stamp card. Haha! Due to my obsession, facebooking of my treat, etc. I find out that there are 2 Pinkberry locations in Chicago. WHAT?! How in the earth did I miss that. So, now you know what’s on my to-do list when I get back!


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