Movie Review: Paranormal Activity 3

Happy Halloween!

Today, I bring to you a review of a scary movie I recently saw against my will 🙂


I’m terrified of all things scary. I don’t like haunted houses, scary movies … even being chased playfully freaks me out. But when I was asked to go to see Paranormal Activity 3 I said yes, knowing that I was in a controlled environment and if I didn’t want to see anything, I could thankfully just close my pretty little eyes and take a deep breath. I’ve seen the first Paranormal Activity which reminded me of the Blair Witch Project with its video camera angles and creepy angles with things that pop out when you least expect it. It’s always the creep factor that really gets ya. I haven’t seen Paranormal Activity 2, and I’m ok with that.


Paranormal Activity 3 still focuses on 2 sisters. The story opens on the younger sister moving in with her older sister and her husband. There were a bunch of movies from their grandmother that were left and the younger sister brings them to the house when she moves. The sisters and the husband come home one day to find their house torn upside down and the movies gone. The movie then switches back in the past and focuses on how the sisters got entangled into this demon activity/possession, etc. Their mother and her boyfriend move into a new house and we see the youngest sister as a 4 or 5 year old, who loves to play with her imaginary friend Toby. Of course no one can see Toby and when Toby starts wreaking havoc on the house, eventually turning dangerous to all that live there, the boyfriend sets up cameras to try to catch all the activity occurring in the home. Some freaky things are definitely captured. The funniests/scariest part is in the bathroom with the boyfriend’s friend and the eldest daughter.


This flick isn’t too scary, so if you’re looking for something to give you a little jump, check this one out. I was uneasy most of the time just because I don’t enjoy things that jump out or “just appear” outta nowhere. But the terrifying parts are definitely slim and you can actually tell when something bad is going to happen.


Have a great Halloween and be safe out there!


2 thoughts on “Movie Review: Paranormal Activity 3

  1. Great review! I think repetition is the real demon of this franchise, but the third installment still made me lose sleep last night. You should check out my review of PA3, comment, and subscribe!

    • I agree! I was a bit confused because I hadn’t seen the 2nd one so I was unaware that it revolved around the same sisters and that it was jumping back in time. I do get the creeps when I’m in the dark that I’ll walk into a wall of nothingness! 🙂 I’ll be sure to check out your review! Thanks for stopping by!

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