Auntie Visit

This past weekend my younger sister and my 2 year old nephew popped in for a weekend visit with Auntie Ashley. I had a great time planned for them as my nephew is now at that curious age where he’s verging between baby and full-on toddler.  On Saturday we went over to Navy Pier and spent a few hours at the Chicago Children’s Museum which was super cool. Caiden got to climb on a bunch of stuff (which is always a blast), pretend to be a firefighter, grocery shopper, plumber, fisherman, bug catcher, geologist, etc. I think he had a great time just running around and checking out the cool place to discover things.

Caiden and his mommy


Climbing Cutie


Mr. Fisherman


Dinosaur snack!

After our adventure at the museum, we grabbed some lunch and then headed over to the IMAX theater for Caiden’s very first movie … which we saw in 3D…Puss in Boots! He was so well behaved for the majority of the movie and was thecutestthingever in his 3D glasses! Maybe I’m biased but seriously, super cute.

Caiden's first movie!


Chicago had some amazing 70+ degree weather this weekend! How was your weekend?!


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