Project 25: Back on the Saddle

First of all … don’t let the title of this post fool you. I’m not Ms. Workoutaholic like I was this past summer. I’ve fallen off the workout bandwagon and I’ve fallen off hard! This girl, who was once able to run/walk for 73 minutes total can barely stand to be on a treadmill or elliptical for 20 minutes. Note cute, and completely disappointing.  But I’ve been trying to get back into it. Mainly, I’m just not myself. I’m constantly on the go and constantly tired. So I make that an excuse to eat poorly (very poorly) and lapse in my exercise routine.  And because I’ve gained back the 16 lbs I lost this past summer, I’m unhappy with myself and bloated. Lovely.

Although I’m not going to attempt to pat myself on the back, I do want to give myself credit for starting … something. In addition to my 180 calorie addiction to Nice! Smoked Almonds, I’ve been trying to get to the gym to get back into my running routine to run off the lavish crappy foods I eat. So, I have started my running program from the beginning. I feel like a baby but at least I’m moving.

Week 1 , day 2 is about as baby as you can get. 5 minute warm up, then intervals of 30 seconds runs and 4:30 walks with a 5 minute cool down. Far away from my 73 minute power session but at least I’m moving. This was great to see my accomplishment:

Anyone else struggling to get their burn in this time of the year? I’m telling you. If I could, I’d totally hide in the corner with a pumpkin spice lattee and about 80 sugar cookies for the rest of the winter!!


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