Christmas Shopping

I started Christmas shopping last night. What a mess! I’m the type of shopper that doesn’t pre-plan. I have a set total amount that I want to spend, but I have zero clue what I actually want to purchase until I’m in the store. This year is no exception. One of my most major faults is shopping for myself. Of coooourse I know what I like, and if I see an amazing deal, I’d be silly not to grab it, right? That’s trouble my friends and no one should shop like that!!



Well, I stopped by Macys. I usually wander the mall until I gain some inspiration of the perfect gift of those on my list. I figured Macys might bring on some sort of genius and really, I should have known better. I never buy anything for anyone at Macys and usually head right over to the clearance racks in a manic search for a great deal on a name brand item of clothing. This shopping trip was no different. I found myself rummaging the clearance racks of Anne Klein, which I love because we have the same initials, and lo and behold found a gorgeous black and white skirt originally $99 (and in my size!) on sale for 75% off…WHAT! Hold the phone! $24.99 for an Anne Klein skirt?? I grabbed it and didn’t look back as I headed to the register. Would you believe that the cashier had an extra 25% off coupon? Yep. I scored that beautiful $99 skirt for $12.99.  Sometimes, I amaze myself.


Then, I wandered into Ann Taylor. Because the perfect gift for my dad would be there, right? AT was having Buy 1 Get 1 Free on their clearance and I found a beautiful camel colored skirt originally priced at $99 for $9.98 (final sale). Well, it’s bogo and I better get my money’s worth so I quickly found a beige shirt also on final sale for $9.98 so the entire outfit cost me a little over $10 with tax. Man, I love this  time of year!


About an hour and a half into shopping, I began to grow extremely irritable and tired. They were filming some sort of dancing signing women at the mall and that was obnoxious. I did grab some great stuff from C.O. Bigelow for the ladies of my family (mom, sister, aunts, etc.) as well as my dad’s cologne this year. I just wasn’t in the mood for shopping for someone else. I always feel like it’s this competition with myself to not let the other person down with a crap present. Maybe I’ll get it into gear soon and find some inspiring present ideas. Til then, the deals are all mine!




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