RIP Grandpa

Sorry I’ve been a little MIA last week. My grandpa Pete passed away on Tuesday, December 13th and I was helping my family with all the funeral arrangements sand also grieving myself. It wasn’t a really unexpected passing. My grandpa has been sick for the past year and was placed in a rehab/nursing home facility last April due to the beginning stages of dementia as well as some physical issues he’d been struggling with.  Ultimately he had a fall last week and upon reviewing his CT scans it was noticed that he had developed a mass on his lungs and some lesions on some other organs. It was cancer. The doctor gave him 6 months to live but his health literally spiraled way out of control within the week (and we didn’t even tell him that he had cancer).  I’m just happy that he no longer has to be in that home and is upstairs with my great-grandparents and his brother Paulie.

Me and my grandpa in 1983

Some of my best memories of him:

  • watching cartoons with him because my grandmother couldn’t stand them so I had to watch them in grandpa’s bedroom
  • Grandpa in his garden and growing the freshest veggies
  • His cigar always hanging out of his mouth
  • His infectious smile…so genuine, so beautiful
  • All his jokes and his prompt response to any non-funny joke, “Haha, thats a time joke, you laugh any time you want!”
  • Telling me “I love you too sweets” whenever you said I love you
  • The fact that everybody loved him and loved him also upon meeting him
  • His soft hands
  • His even temper…you knew it was bad when he was angry and not to fret about whatever it was if he wasn’t angry
  • Visiting us for lunch on his break when I was little
  • Playing board games and always calling us cheats
  • His coffee and pizelles or traditional donuts
  • Nights at the festivals when I was little, watching the bands play

I’m gonna miss you so much grandpa, but now I’m lucky to have such an amazing angel up in Heaven smiling down on me.

Grandpa's last birthday (July 2011) enjoying time with the family


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