Eat Chicago: M Henry

The best breakfast place in the city … well, in my humble opinion, is M. Henry.  Located in my neighborhood, Andersonville, on the far north side of the city, this breakfast/lunch place serves up the best locally produced, organic American fare around town. JP and I usually drool over M. Henry whenever we drive by and by 10 AM on any given day (especially during the weekends) this place is packed OUTSIDE with eager diners waiting for a table. The wait is worth it. I’ve had their Fannie’s Killer Fried Egg Sandwich before and it’s amazing. The bread is delicious, the eggs cooked perfectly and their russet potato hashbrowns melt on your tongue. This go-around though, we tried their french toast and pancakes.  JP had special french toast at M. Henry on our last visit and I was eagerly excited to have my own try at it.

We ordered the Blackberry Bliss Cakes and the Dulce Banana Rumba French Toast:

dulce banana rumba french toast


blackberry bliss cakes


Um. They did not disappoint. The Dulce Banana French Toast was perfection. Warm and gooey bananas on the inside, dried banana chips on the outside, covered with creme caramal and pecans…it was just sweet perfection!


And JP’s Blackberry Bliss Cakes?! I mean look at that thing. My new flavor? Mascarpone and any fruity cream flavor mixed. It’s something beautiful. Obviously, we agreed:



If you’re ever in Chicago, seriously, visit this place for breakfast. You will not…will disappointed! If you get there early (usually 8-9 AM) you’ll definitely get a seat but any time after 9 AM there’s going to probably be a wait. But, its worth it! Bon appetit!


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