Project 25: Gettin Jiggy With It

Boom! I’ve worked out 2 days in a row. I’ve been using my new gym at work and have noticed that there are barely any other people at before work or right after lunch around 1-2 PM. So, I’ve been trying use that to my advantage to at least get 30 minutes of workout in per day. It’s not miraculous but it’s something. I’ve also noticed that the cheaper side of our gym (We have a C-Pro gym that has an “open space” side and an “advance side”) is empty in the morning also! So,  I also have the option to work out before work after logging into my computer.

I’ve told myself that I will get in at least 30 minutes of exercise 4x’s a week. That’s the LEAST I owe myself. So far, I’ve been doing pretty good. I just wish I could push myself harder but I know that I’ll get there. Showing up is half the battle. I’m starting my couch to 5K program again which I downloaded from my iphone. It seems to work and I like that it tells me when to walk and when to run. One of my goals/resolutions for 2012 is to run a 5k and a 10k…so what’s the best way to get a jump on that goal? Practice! I don’t mind running. The hardest part of running at my new gym is that there are no tv’s so its :::yawn::: stinking boring!


I am totally one of those girls that needs constant motivation, especially when I’m just starting out. Most of my motivation, when I’m fully into weight loss and exercise, comes from results. But early on, I need that motivation to show myself that I can get there eventually. Motivation can be a number, a phrase, a feeling. It comes in a ton of different forms. You just have to find the motivation that works for you. My motivation right now? Just making it through the workout I’m doing. Being in the now is my motivation.

I’ve also been using an app/online tool called My Fitness Pal which helps track your workouts and your food intake. It’s free and you can download it on your smartphone so that you can take it with you to track activity that you do. It’s pretty neat and you can do it to help motivate yourself also! I’ve added an MFP tracker to my Project 25 page so you can watch my success! (I’m so very excited for you :))


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