Project 25: Be Nice to Yourself

After a big workout, it’s important to remember to be nice to yourself. Your body did you a favor by plowing through that 60 minute kickboxing class or patiently stretching through yoga, so remember to reward your body with a refuel post-workout.  I’ve heard that you should refuel within 45 minutes of your workout, including munching on good foods that will replenish the nutrients you just lost and also getting some protein to give you energy and refuel your sore muscles. Seriously! Check out what Nicole from The Health-E Athlete has to say about body nutrition!


Your body is a machine and after a hard workout, it still requires certain things to work properly, or you could be sore for days after your workout. No one wants that. I try to drink an entire bottle of water post workout (water is super great for your body), as well as eat a banana and some almonds.  Another good choice is a protein shake which you can buy from the store your grab at most gyms. Yes, some of them taste like complete chalky crap but some are actually really good.  I prefer anything chocolatey because it masks the taste a bit 🙂  You can also grab a smoothie (I have it available at Lifetime Gym and also at my work gym) at Jamba Juice and throw in some whey or energy or antioxidants. It’s good to feel good.

Don’t forget to be nice to yourself…and a post-work out treat can round out your workout perfectly!


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