Movie Review: New Years Eve

JP and I hit up the theaters recently to catch a showing of New Year’s Eve, which we were actually really excited about because Valentine’s Day was so cute and funny. NYE followed a new/updated cast of characters through their NYE night, all intertwining at some point like Valentine’s Day.

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Some of the prime players are:

There’s Ashton and Lea Michele stuck in an elevator as Lea is trying to get to Times Square to perform as a back up singer for … Bon Jovi.


Bon Jovi is the prime entertainer for the NYE bash but has history with his ex-fiance, Katherine Heigl who is serving as chef for the NYE bash that Bon Jovi is playing at.  Sofia Vergara is Katherine’s assistant chef.


Sarah Jessica Parker (SJP) is the mother of Abigail Breslin, who is a designer. Abigail is a 15 year old girl who desperately wants to spend NYE with her friends in Times Square but her mother won’t allow it.


Michelle Pfieffer is an unhappy assistant to Josh Duhamel’s father and she is in search of completing a bucket list on NYE. With the help of Zac Efron, a NY bike messenger … can she complete her tasks?


Josh Duhamel is a wealthy bachelor who is haunted by a woman he met the previous NYE. The woman then tells him that if he’s still thinking about her in a year, to meet her at a designated street on NYE. Who’s his mystery woman?


Behind it all is Hillary Swank who is in charge of the ball dropping at midnight. Of course there are some electrical issues so electrician genius extraordinnaire Hector Elizondo is called in to the rescue.


Robert DeNiro is battling a fatal disease and wants to see the ball drop on NYE from the hospital he’s staying at. He has “no family” that wishes to know that he’s dying so Halle Berry, his nurse, tries to make him as comfortable as possible in his last few moments on earth.


Did I forget anyone? Um … Oh! Jessical Biel and SNL funnyman Seth Meyers are vying for first baby of the year where the couple is awarded a check for having the first baby of 2011 at their hospital. They are in constant close calls all night, competing with another couple.


The movie had high points and low points … mostly low though. It was very slow moving and there were some scenes that weren’t really necessary to the story but I felt they put them in there as filler. I’d say wait for it on DVD if you’re interested in this one … not really worth the $9 for the theater version!



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