Project 25: Week 2 of C25K

Hey there! I’ve been diligently completely my running for the Couch to 5k program I am on. (yippee!) I’ve found that although with all those New Years Resolutions people … that my gym time/activity hasn’t been hindered much by those with their weight loss resolutions…yet. Right now I’m running about 2 miles per day and three times a week…so about 6 miles per week on the program. One of the biggest things I’ve noticed is that my muscles start tightening right around the mid-point of the run…and I attribute that to lack of stretching and poor eating habits in general (duly noted).  I’m also extremely ravenous after my workouts, so I need to start looking into snacks that will give me back the protein that I lose during workouts and also keep me full until lunch. Right now I’m snacking on leftover Christmas candy which is extremely counterproductive and I do not recommend!

On my non-running days I’ve been doing some incline walking (pumping that baby up to a 10 at a 2.5 speed) and then some elliptical work with lifting thrown in as well.  Here’s what my week looked like:

Monday, Jan. 2: Nothing … I was off!

Tuesday, Jan. 3: C25K, Week 2, Day 1 … ran 2 miles

Wednesday, Jan. 4: Walk at 10 incline for 15 minutes, Elliptical for 10 minutes, Lift (arms) … completed 1 mile

Thursday, Jan. 5: C25K, Week 2, Day 2 … ran 2 miles

Saturday, Jan. 7: C25K, Week 2, Day 3 … ran 2 miles

Total Weekly Miles: 6

Total Monthly Miles: 6

It hurts to get back into an exercise routine but at least I’m doing it…and all the cool kids are right now 🙂 What are your healthy resolutions for 2012?


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