Book Review: The Hunger Games

Katniss Everdeen. You are amazing. Yes, The Hunger Games trilogy is turning into a wonderfully cult-like obsessions for a lot of people just like Harry Potter and Twilight. But with a strong female heroine in Katniss Everdeen, how can one go wrong? I’ve read a lot of reviews on The Hunger Games before attempting to read it myself. Many reviewers stated they would never think of a sci-fi book to read leisurely and were utterly shocked what a great tale Suzanne Collins weaves for the reader. I think it’s because the story is relatable. It’s about surviving through hard times, it’s about pushing yourself through your limits ..and  the heroine is an average girl..aren’t we all pretty average (except for our awesome individual talents)?

SPOILER ALERT **************************************************************************************************************

SPOILER ALERT **************************************************************************************************************

you’ve been warned!! ……… 🙂

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Katniss is the main provider of her small family which consists of her mother (who launched into despair after Katniss’ father died in a coal mine explosion) and her younger sister, Prim.  They are part of District 12 which serves as the primary coal supplier to the other districts and especially the Capitol (which makes all of the country’s decisions). District 12 is part of the post-apolyptic United States now called Panem. The Capitol holds all of the power of the country and forces each district to provide “tributes” to it’s annual Hunger Games where 24 children between the ages of 12-18 fight to the death with only 1 victor remaining. Most of the districts live in complete poverty, including District 12. Katniss’ sister Prim is actually selected for the 74th Hunger Games but Katniss volunteers to take her place.

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Along with Peeta (her mail Hunger Games counter part), Katniss is delved into a world with the Capitol flaunts its power and wealth and never lets the tributes forget that the Hunger Games is a reminder that a revolution against the Capitol is not an option. Each year, the Gamemakers create a new hell where the tributes have to compete in (desert, jungle, etc.) and the entire games is shown live for the entire country to see. Basically forcing everyone to cheer for and witness their own children either survive or be killed on national television. All of the tributes must go into survival skill mode to the extreme; learning not only combat skills, but camouflage, food in the wilderness, knot tying etc. It’s crazy to think of a little 12 year old as  a trained killer, but they have to be if they want to survive and return to their family.

The reader is launched into Katniss’ entire time within the Games … her trials, tribulations, even her kills. It’s such a great story as you learn what a normal girl would be thinking being forced to kill her fellow tributes as well as survive in unknown terrain.

What makes this story work is it’s interesting concept. Why is the Capitol so powerful? What crazy costumes and traditions do the members of the Capitol have (which completely remind me of Tank Girl, another post-apocalyptic tale that I adore!), what happens when a tribute wins, what happened to District 13 when it was completely obliterated? There are so many intricate parts of The Hunger Games and the best part is … Suzanne Collins addresses them and weaves a complete tale so that the reader has an great understanding of everything that is going on. The entire story is somehow relatable, yet it takes place in a world unlike our own. It doesn’t seem too far off in terms of culture and I  think that’s where the magic happens … you can relate to the struggles of the characters and you completely sympathize with them.

I’ve conquered this book in three days and am now almost done with the second book. I totally recommend it if you spoiled everything for yourself and have made it this far … read it before the movie comes out on March 23rd! Trust me, you won’t regret it!


9 thoughts on “Book Review: The Hunger Games

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    • The movie comes out March 23rd! You have some time! I’m sure they are going to do a 3-part series of the movies (like Twilight) because how can fit all of that goodness into 1 two-hour long movie? I can’t wait!! 🙂

  2. Yeah, gotta be three films. I really hope they don’t split the last book ala Harry potter and twilight. That really bugs me.

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