Project 25: Setbacks

I try so hard not to be a whiner and to buck up and go get ’em. But I can’t help feel self-deprecating lately over my injury that has set back my exercise and running routine the past 2 weeks. I feel like crap. I walked past my work’s onsite gym (my haven of late) and felt myself glaring envyingly at the people enjoying their exercise. I felt like, ‘That’s MY work out time” or “You’re on MY regular treadmill”.  I thought after my fall that there would be a few days of soreness and then I’d be back on my feet, good as new. As I’m approaching the 12 day mark, I just feel like a failure, I feel fat, and I’m angry.

I need some encouragement. I need to feel better. I NEED to get back into an exercise routine that won’t leave me clutching my back in sharp pains.  I’m feeling frumpy and it’s making me the biggest whining baby ever. I also need to totally start paying attention to what I eat. I think that’s one of the, if not THE, biggest struggles people have in their weight loss crusades: always the diet. The D-word is so terrible, really. I really want to be the type of person that is in love with food … in love with good food.

It took me a whole 1.5 weeks to bounce back from my fall and even now I’m still sore and that makes me feel like I’m never going to get over this hump. I exercised once last week and couldn’t get myself on a treadmill. My hips have still been pretty sore. But I put in a hard 15 minutes on the elliptical and then switched to the treadmill (attempting to do an incline walk but couldn’t take it) and completed 15 minutes of a fast walk on there. I then had a doubleheader volleyball game on Sunday which I felt great at. I was able to run, jump, serve, etc. with no problem during the game. Today though, is a different story. My shoulders are sore and my back wants to keep cracking. EEK!

I did have a small epiphany the other day though. I felt myself saying, “I can work with this” … in regards to my weight. I’m not completely overweight where it would take something as extreme as surgery to get me healthy. This is something that I CAN do … I CAN go to the gym … I CAN eat better. So maybe I’ll stop whining soon and just DO. I need a lot of DO in my life 🙂



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