Project 25: Running & Pictures

I’ve jumped back into my running routine and the word “jumped” accurately describes the terror I put my body through this morning. After having a few weeks off, I decided to forego multiple avenues of advice to not just jump right into a rigorous routine your body will rebel. Hello! I feel like Bob Harper LOOKED at me through last week’s episode of “The Biggest Loser” and specifically told me this.  Anyways, Monday’s run was pretty decent. I was able to do my last day of week 3 of C25K pretty easily. Because my weeks are all messed up, I thought today was a great day to jump into Day 1 of Week 4. I’m an idiot. Week 4 is a 3 minute job, 2 minute walk, 4 minute jog, 2 minute walk and then 5 minute jog, 3 minute walk and 5 minute cool down. I got through alllll of it until the 5 minute run where I most literally thought that my legs were going to fall off and I was going to fly off of the treadmill in a messy heap. I had to walk half-way through the 5 minute run and am quite unhappy with my performance.

I’m thinking of starting my C210k program again from the beginning. It focuses more on endurance than on longer runs … like week 4 day 1 of C210k is 62 minutes BUT its 2 minute jog and 3 minute walk intervals. That’s manageable … and it’s a longer workout which I feel I desperately need. A five minute jog 4 weeks in is a killer and pretty pathetic that I cannot get through it. Let’s do something that I can.

My biggest worry with the C210k program is that I quit in week 6 last time, which is the longest run of the entire program. It’s 73 minutes of 3 minute runs and 2 minute walks …and it’s a butt kicker. I did this run once and  then completely folded on the program. It’s the only week that’s so long so if I can just get over that week 6, I’ll be golden. I shall seriously keep you updated.


In other news, there has been a photography crew attempting to snap my pic twice in the past 2 days at the gym. Ok, they’re really trying to get snaps of my new work gym and I just happen to be in their way of picture taking. The first time they bombarded the women’s locker room with an awkward run in with a scrawny guy in the entry way to the locker room, while I was on my way to take a shower. Inappropriate! Then, Wednesday morning they were set up all around my treadmills. Their gear was all over the treadmills and they were allllll in my grill. They warned me that I’d see flashes as they tried to take pictures of the weights and machines but that they wouldn’t bother me…they bothered me.

I’m so over winter already. I hear “Remedy” by the Black Crowes and it reminds me of summer so much. I  think because it played over and over one summer and it reminds me of my mom. Random.  Anyone else ready for the sunshine?

And this song? Well, it’s just great 🙂



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