Love & Envelopes Bday Club: Valentine’s Goodies!

I’m part of the Love & Envelope’s Birthday Club originally hosted by Lindsay from Hello Hue and now kept alive by Elizabeth from The Young Retiree. The premise is that a community of bloggers gets together and sends birthday cards and well wishes to the bday boys and gals of the month! You can send more than a card, if you’d like, but overall it’s cute little cards that just make your birthday that much more special.

Well, we do not have any birthdays now until May! Can you believe it?! So, I was surprised to find a cute little Valentine’s Day package from Elizabeth in my mailbox this past week! How awesome is that?! Loaded with candies, a cute little card and some awesome Mary Kay body cleanser, it was a great pick-me up as this winter winds down! I just wanted to share some of the goodies that I received and send a big THANK YOU! to Elizabeth!

Vday goodies from Elizabeth!


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