Nervous Excitement

Have you ever had a pang of nervous excitement that rattles you from the inside out? A feeling that you’re really unsure what to do with because you could throw up from fear of failure, yet scream and jump in joy at the idea of overcoming an accomplishment? Yes. It’s quite a feeling.

Feeling inspired by JP’s return to school, I’ve decided to use 2012 to invest in myself and to work on my education, specifically within the field of HR. I kinda fell into HR and found a career/industry that I adore. Because I actually have a degree in English-Writing, I sometimes am a little insecure about my skills or actual expertise in the field and I yearn for a more rounded out exposure to Human Resources, in general, since my past 4.5 years of experience is specifically in Recruitment/Talent Acquisition.

I incorporated this investment into my 2012 Wishlist and splurged on a 12 week online course through a major university which not only provides an HR Professional certificate but also helps to prepare you for the PHR/SPHR exam through SHRM. My books came today and they’re wonderfully rainbow color-coded (it’s a sign) and I’m kinda stuck in that “I can’t wait to begin!” mode. I know it’s going to be hard work and I’m so nervous to take the actual exam as I heard it’s a doozy (not to mention not so kind on the wallet). Class starts March 5th! Let the HR Games begin! 🙂

#backtoschool #HR  #SHRMPrep


3 thoughts on “Nervous Excitement

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