Eat Chicago: Fondue Stube

Have you fondue?

I had my first taste of fondue while JP’s sister was in town. I love cheese. I love dipping things in cheese. And so fondue was right up my alley. Fondue is the art of dipping breads and other foods into cheese. Not just any cheese, yummy melted Swiss and cheddar cheese. It’s delicious.

Fondue Stube is one of the only fondue places located on the north side of Chicago and since we had a gift certificate, we decided to try it out. Firstly, the place seems a bit sketchy as it’s really dark interior and the people that run it seem to be family members and not professional wait staff. Once we were seated though, we had our order taken and decided to get the three-course meal with an extra dipping cheese. The appetizer was bread and apples which are dipped into the Swiss and cheddar cheese. Yum. I paid for all of that bread later with a ferocious stomach ache!

The main meal was disappointing in which it was a measly plate of 5 little nuggets of meat, tiny veggie slices (like 5 slices total) in which you cook yourself in oil. For $35, I’d like more veggies, at least!! The best part of the meal was dessert. We were treated to a chocolate dip and had a variety of fruits to dip into that lusciousness. The waitress even lit our chocolate on fire so we could enjoy roasting some marshmallows for a awesome s’mores treat…which JP and her sister couldn’t stop talking about all weekend. Yes, it was that good! I’d recommend going there but would warn anyone not to be too shocked at the small entree portion. I would love to try another fondue place, definitely!

JP and her sister enjoying fondue!



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