What’s up in your ‘hood?

Chicago weather has been AMAZING the past few weeks! We’ve had record highs for the past 8 straight days (80s), and it looks like good weather is continuing in this portion of the country for the next week…sweet!

So, with all this warm weather, we’ve been taking advantage of all the sunshine and getting some long walks in, turning the fans on, grilling some yummy foods, and pretending that we’re sittin pretty in the middle of June. And to think, it’s only the end of March! It’s great because there’s low humidity (60%), so when it’s usually 80+ degrees in Chicago, it’s terrible because of the 150% humidity. With that beautiful low number of 60%, it’s manageable and you don’t have to worry about sweating right out of your clothes! How has your March been? Have  you had the chance to enjoy Spring yet??

Oh, and HAPPY BIRTHDAY to my younger sister Sam! She doesn’t read this blog, but I still want to send a shout out to her because today’s her big Golden Birthday … 23 on the 23rd! Woo hoo!



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