Movie Review: The Hunger Games

I finally got to see The Hunger Games this past weekend and was pleasantly surprised at the quality of the flick. I was worried that it was going to be ultra cheesy like Twilight was, mostly due to the Sci-Fi aspect of it but found there was minimal cheese factor and I think they picked the perfect cast of actors to portray the characters. My only beef? Well, at 2.5 hours, the movie was long but considering all of the events of the book, it seemed to just whizz right by and missed addressing many important aspects of the book. I would think that anyone who hasn’t read the books and just went to see the movie would have difficulty believing the relationships that seemed to form so quickly, understanding the overall concept and the sponsor-piece of the story, and understanding the overall struggle that Katniss really had during the entire book.

Source: Lionsgate

She grows into a martyr in the face of an evil empire and I don’t think they did a great enough job of emphasizing the disgust with the Games that the general population has, and the enormity of what Katniss stands for to the people (especially with Rue’s death). But hey … I also understand it’s difficult to do a film adaptation.

Source: Lionsgate

So instead of talking about all the things I didn’t like about the film (because you’ll discover them anyways when you see it), let’s talk about the things that I liked:

  • Jennifer Lawrence was a dead on selection for Katniss. With her beautiful/girlish face and her tough persona, she has all the makings of a martyr.
  • The Careers were a good selection … snotty, arrogant (but 3 outta 4 were blonde?)
  • My word, could Woody Harrelson have been a better pick for Haymitch? Perfect casting.
  • The setting of the 74th Hunger Games was as I imagined it … lush, green, even the cave is how I pictured it
  • Peeta’s charisma. You really saw this through his interview. I just wish we could have seen it more.
  • Katniss’ review with the Gamemakers (where she shoots an arrow at them) … epic

I think there were more good than bad with the flick. If you go see it (which I STRONGLY recommend that you do) just remember that a bunch is left out, but that it’s such an intricate book that it’s really hard to mimic that in movie form without it being a 6 hour film. I hope you enjoy it because I did!


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