California Love: San Diego Part 1

San Diego will be split up into 2 parts because … we did a lot of stuff here.

Saturday kicked off our adventure with breakfast in La Jolla, CA at The Cottage (more on this place in a different post).  We headed to breakfast pretty early and we were greeted with warm, bright sun and a sleepy little coastal town with adorable shops and cute breakfast nooks. We chose The Cottage off of a recommendation that JP’s friend provided and it did not let us down. We had a short wait and were able to sit outside under umbrellas, as the morning crowd waited just outside on the sidewalk.

After breakfast, we tried to find the shopping area of La Jolla and after some handy-dandy mapping, we figured out the general area and headed towards the beach! There we found soooo many shops and cute boutiques, including larger stores such as Lucky Brand and Gap, and were able to just enjoy the morning sun. We then headed towards the water, as we were trying to get a sneak peak and were completely blown away at the views of the Cove area of La Jolla. Tucked neatly behind the main row of shops is a completely breathtaking area of amazing views, coastal animals and a park … all serving as the backdrop to the beautiful Pacific Ocean. I snapped lots of pictures of the sea lions and pelicans all bathing in the sun, of the gorgeous hills across the bay and of the palm trees the dotted the coast.

Snippets from La Jolla, CA

After La Jolla, we headed to the main portion of our Saturday – Seaworld! This was my first time at Seaworld and it was super neat. The weather was amazing and super warm … we all got some form of sun-kissing – ok, more of a sunburn but it was ok! We saw three different shows; killer whales, a super cheesy dolphin show and a hilarious sea lion and sea otter show at the end. We also were able to check out feeding time at the penguin habitat and even went to the Shark Encounter exhibit which was awesome because you were able to walk under the shark tank through a tube as they swam all around you…creepy cool! Our celebrity sighting? Flava Flav at Seaworld who was just as a hot of a mess in person that he is on TV.

Source: unknown

After a day at Seaworld, we headed out to Barona Indian Reservation as they have a casino on site. I’m going to go ahead and say it was the most terrifying car ride I’ve ever had, and I was the driver! The reservation was tucked up in the hills of San Diego where signs such as “Watch for falling rocks,” and “Dust Clouds Possible” cautioned the drivers on an already super winding road. Through the pitch black sky and on a road that had a speed limit of 50 mphs, we finally made it to a gorgeous casino and resort where I lost $60 but had a good time playing some slots. I did win $50 and then $30 but then in true gambler fashion, spent it right back in the casino and lost it all.

It was a super fun day! Stay tuned for the last of the San Diego trip comin up in my next Cali post!

Snippets from Seaworld!


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