Eat San Diego: The Cottage

The Cottage is a cute breakfast nook in the beachy town of La Jolla, CA. We stopped there for some food before our big day of shopping and Seaworld that I talked about last week. We had a short wait which was ok because the morning weather was so amazing with bright sun and high 60s. We were able to snag a table outside on the patio amidst a bunch of eager breakfasters (yes, totally just made that word up). Before we were seated I spotted an awesome fruit plate on someone else’s table that I definitely wanted. With an array of fresh fruits and what looked like a delicious fruity yogurt dipping sauce, I was way in. It wasn’t hard to talk JP and her sister into this beauty.

Fruit plate at The Cottage.

After looking at the menu, I spied some eggs benedict and decided that if I were to have the eggs Benny, this would be the place to do it. I have a weird “thing” where it makes me nervous to have eggs benedict just anywhere. If you have crappy hollandaise, you ruin the entire plate, so you have to get it right. I ordered the traditional eggs benedict and it was delicious. The eggs were perfectly poached, the English muffin nice and toasty and there was a generous slice of ham on each muffin….all covered in an amazing hollandaise. Yum.

Eggs benedict from The Cottage!

JP and her sister decided on the french toast with fresh strawberries and whipped cream. The girls raved about it and it looked delicious, so I think they were pleased too! Oh, and the coffee? You know a place will have decent food if there coffee starts the meal off with a great kick. This place had phenomenal coffee and was a perfect launch into the meal. If you ever visit La Jolla, I totally recommend picking up some breakfast here! I do not think you’ll be disappointed!


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