Book Review: The Ocean Inside

After I finished Iron Lace, I realized I needed a book to hold me over two 4 hour plane rides to/from California so I packed The Ocean Inside by Jana McMahon. I scored this book as part of my Border’s liquidation purchased two years ago (and I’m still making my way through all of my finds). This story follows the story of a family, the Sullivans, as they trek through personal tragedy … their youngest daughter Ainslie is diagnosed with cancer and through an insurance fluke, they’re desperately trying to make ends meet while providing the best care possible for their 9 year old daughter.  Also, there’s the 18 year old daughter Sloan who (true to form) is a good kid that gets wrapped up with a bad guy.

I thought the book was pretty good, as I was fully invested in the story of the parents and their personal struggle, as well as their struggle to not only cope emotionally with Ainslie’s diagnosis, but to also cope financially as medical bills began to mount. I think I struggled the most through the side of the tale that covers their oldest daughter’s life because it just seemed like her character was detached from the entire situation (not in a normal teenager detachment but in a “the character isn’t right” detachment). Maybe there wasn’t enough back story to really sell Sloan.

Overall this was a good book and if you’re looking for an easy read that you can connect with, I’d recommend this.


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