California Love: San Diego Part 2

Our last day in San Diego was filled with tons of fun things. Like our Jacks N Joe adventure in LA, we found a great breakfast place online, the night before, using Yelp. We aimed for a great, trendy, little place called Snooze right inside of the neighborhood of Hillcrest. Unfortunately, when we pulled up, the place was packed with eager breakfasters waiting outside and we just didn’t want to fight the crows this day. So, JP spotted a cute little cremerie up the block that seemed promising and we decided to check it out – Chocolat Bistro Cremerie Creperie. None of us gals had ever had crepes before so we decided to give it a go.

First, the place was adorable and not packed at all, unlike it’s neighbor Snooze, up the street. We were quickly seated and served some yummy gourmet coffee. JP loves the taste of the coffee, but more importantly the experience of her bougie little coffeepot.

Jocelyn and her coffeepot!

Next we tackled the crepe menu and all decided on sweet selections. JP had this yummy caramel version, her sister selected the Nutella crepe and I had the Nutella and bananas crepe. Freakin yum. For never having this goodness, I now know what I was missing out on. Warm, gooey Nutella wrapped in a perfectly crispy/chewy dough and sprinkled with powdered sugar was the perfect breakfast!

Delicious banana and Nutella crepe! Amazing!

After breakfast, we headed to Balboa Park and found that it was like 5 minutes away … how convenient! Balboa Park is a massive state park where the San Diego Zoo is at. Just outside of the zoo there is this sprawling area full of museums, botanical gardens and lively entertainment.  We headed to a few gardens to check out the roses, Japanese Friendship Garden, desert garden, and even the botanical building, all were breathtakingly beautiful. Everything is free (except the $4 fee into the Friendship Garden) and is such a great way to spend some time outdoors and see some beautiful architecture and even just to take in the liveliness of the patrons and street entertainers in the promenade.

After a few hours discovering Balboa Park, we headed to the San Diego Zoo which we heard amazing things about. We a bit skeptical because we were warned of the time limits and told to take shuttles and all of these other things and with our experiences with zoos in Illinois and Ohio we were basically like, “Whatever, we can handle this.” Oh my. This zoo is epic. Not only is it the largest zoo I have ever seen, with close access to many of the animals, but it is a hilly beast. We had to climb uphill to check out the elephants, downhill to check out the tigers, and we even got lost a few times trying to get a glimpse of the apes and cheetah. We were able to find JP’s beloved meerkats after about 2 hours venturing in the park, and also saw a silver back gorilla’s funny antics. The zoo was impressive and a must-see if you ever go to San Diego. Make sure to bring the walking shoes and take advantage of the trolleys/trams if you can! It’s definitely a big trek through the entire zoo. I  think after we were done for the day, JP recorded over 22,000 steps on her FitBit which was something like 11 miles. Yikes!

Overall our trip was amazing. We had some fantastic weather and gained some nice sun 🙂 We saw a ton of sights and had some great food, and just had a great time altogether! I can’t wait to go back to California!



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