Movie Review: Mirror Mirror

Who doesn’t enjoy the tale of Snow White and the seven dwarfs? There’s a princess who is the “fairest” in all the land who is loathed by the evil queen. There’s a magic mirror, a hunstman that doesn’t actually kill her, and of course a happy ending. If you’ve kept up to date on the new movies being released for 2012, you’ve noticed then that there are actually Snow White flicks hitting theaters. The first one is Mirror Mirror starring Julia Roberts as the evil queen that came out this month, and then in June we see Kristen Stewart’s “Joan-of-Arc” type Snow White in Snow White and the Huntsman … two completely different takes on the same Grimm tale.

source: relativity media

We saw Mirror Mirror a few weeks ago, and at first I was worried it was going to be very cheesy and filled with too much digital animation that it would take away from the film (kinda how the Spiderman movies are pretty much completely fake looking). This was absolutely not the case. Julia Roberts was an amazing evil queen. Seriously. This woman can play any character. She was so adorable and had such great lines that you were conflicted with despising her because shes Julia Roberts but at the same time, wanted Snow White dead.

Lily Collins played a beautiful and sweet Snow White. Saoirse Ronan was originally cast as Snow White in Mirror Mirror but when that fell threw, Lily gained the role and I think she was a great choice. Random trivia: Lily is the daughter of Phil Collins…yes, of Genesis. Armie Hammer (who’s name cracks me up because it reminds me of Arm and Hammer) from The Social Network (you know, the twins) played Prince Alcott … the love interest of the evil queen and Snow White. He was ok. He’s pretty enough but I felt he was kind of dopey and not princely in that “sweep you off of your feet” kind of way. Nathan Lane played Brighton who was a bumbling sidekick to the queen, who believably completely fails in his role to murder Snow White.

The animations were beautiful and weren’t too cheesy. And I think aspects of the film (especially how the dwarfs are able to steal from “innocent” bystanders) were quit unique portrayals. Overall, it’s a great film and I definitely recommend it for theater-watching! I’m excited to see how Charlize Theron’s evil queen in Snow White and the Huntsman matches up Julia Roberts June 1st! Have you seen any great movies lately?


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