Project 25: Run Club Week 1

Ok ya’ll, I survived week 1 of Run Club. It was a half week because we had inclement weather on Wednesday, but nonetheless, I showed up on Monday and completed my first run.

So the jist of Run Club is that it’s just another “class” offered by my work’s onsite gym facility through Core Performance. It’s a 12 week performance aimed to increase your endurance, provide useful information on training, stretching, proper nutrition, etc. all to aid with outdoor runs whether they are 5k, 10k, marathon, etc. We meet twice a week, complete warm-ups together, then go about our way on the mapped run and return for stretching/cool-down. The neat thing about Run Club is you are provided a map of the run but you run it the way that works for you…so you can run the whole thing (I’m not there yet), walk/run, walk, etc.

The first day there were 22 people who signed up and 17 brave souls actually made it to the class. We were given an intro and did warm ups and our first run was a 1 miler around the neighborhood by work. It was actually a great day to run … mid-50s and sunny … so I wasn’t burning up too much. I joined because although I can run on the treadmill, I struggle soooo much more outside. I wanted a support system, a program, something, to help me. I ran as long as I could, stopping at about the half mile to switch to run/walks and I finished 13th or 14th out of 17 (hey, not last!). I was hurtin after, my lungs were burning…and the stretching we did was with rollers, which was also new to me. Overall, it was fun though and I can’t wait for our next run today!

I have a giveaway coming up this Thursday!! Stay tuned for more details on how to enter to win this prize! 


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