Guilty Pleasure! New Girl!

Do you have any favorite tv shows this spring? Mine is New Girl with Zooey Deschanel. God, first of all, you HAVE to like Zooey. She’s such a quirky, cute, girl-next-door type and this show has such hilarious one-liners and characters, that I’m constantly cracking up. I loved her character in Elf and this is just a major expansion of that with less tights and Christmas jingles and some more old-school innocent vibing. Her male roommates constantly provide hilarious one-liners and anecdotes that provide that comedic punch to awkward roomie situations and potential love interests (hello Jess and Nick).  But overall, it’s 30 minutes of a good time.

I love it.


I have a giveaway tomorrow!! Check back for more details on how to win! 🙂


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