Project 25: What does your workout regime look like?

So I have scheduled myself to death but think I’m in an ok place for Project 25. I have lots of fun activities planned to get me exercising almost every day from moderate, to hard workout outs. Here is what my weeks (through August) will typically look like:

Monday: Run Club 1 hour

Tuesday: none – recovery

Wednesday: Run Club 1 hour

Thursday: Softball (co-ed slow pitch league)

Friday: None

Saturday: Flag-football

Sunday: Softball (women’s slow pitch)

I  think the “games” are a great way to get a bit of exercise in without going overboard, so I’m not worried about “working out too much”. I am worried about fitting in some more lifting, to build muscle, trying to try out yoga (my goal) at some point, and eating better because food is always my nemesis! Can you believe it’s already spring?! What activities do you have planned?


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