Project 25: Run Club Week 2

I finished Run Club week two and am definitely hurting from it. Monday’s run was only 1 mile and I finished it with no problem by doing run/walk intervals. Wednesday’s run was extended to 2 miles (same loop twice) and I took my time in run/walk intervals. I started last because I have a weird thing where I don’t like to be chased, and was slow as a turtle. I eventually caught up to everyone else on the last loop and passed three other people (that decided to run the entire 1st mile) and I finished in 28:06 … my fastest 2 miles yet!

I was definitely struggling at the end but was validated that I actually didn’t finish last. It was a great feeling. That night, however, I started suffering from terrible back spasms that sent shooting pain through my lower back. I had work and a softball game the next day and thought that sleep over night would help but I couldn’t sit in the car to drive to work (so I had to call in sick) and I couldn’t make my softball game (because obviously I can’t move). I hate feeling like I let people down and because I can’t make softball tonight, that means the team (which is co-ed) must play with 1 less guy. No bueno.  I always feel guilty missing work or sports because I don’t like to let other’s down and I don’t like to have a bad reputation, so although I’m in some terrible pain, I’m more worried about letting work and my softball team down. 😦

What’s the worst running injury you’ve had? What do you do to recover?


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