To lease or not to lease?

I’ve been having problems with my 2006 VW Jetta since the day that I bought it almost 3 years ago. Because I live in the city (of Chicago), I did not want a brand new car only to sit out on the street overnight so I purchased a single-user car with $38,000 miles on it to get me to and from work. It was a decent price (around $15,000) and came with heated leather seats, a sunroof, 6 disc CD changer …all the luxuries a girl could want.

But it also came with a slew of problems that I didn’t know about until I brought it home such as bald tires (who sells a car with bald tires on it?! I ended up making them put a brand new set on the car with no charge), air bag issues 3x’s, latch on trunk not working, auto locks not working 2x’s, LOUD rumbling of the car (that was diagnosed as nothing) and currently have had my check engine light on since October 2011, even though its been “fixed” about four times since  then. Not to completely rag on VWs but they also only come with a 3 year warranty so by the time I purchased the car, the warranty was almost up (luckily the dealer provided an extended warranty) that lasted until 72,000 miles or December 2011 so most of my problems have been fixed … but I’m continuing to get problems over and over. I owe about $8,000 on the car but am making double payments right now. I’m wondering if I should try to hang on to dear life with the vehicle or just give up and get something less worrisome.

I’m thinking about leasing my next car to lower my payment and to get something new that I don’t have to worry about. Yes, I’ll be paying some else money to basically rent their car and will have nothing to show for it at the end of the lease … but I just really do not want get into another 5 year car payment especially since I cannot really afford any car that I truly want. I just need something to get me back and forth to work (like a nice Chevy Cruze or Honda Civic). Thoughts? Have you ever leased a car? What were your biggest problems with leasing?

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3 thoughts on “To lease or not to lease?

  1. I have never leased a car. I am sure a lot of people have good results with them. i have had my Nissan for about eight years now and these last three with no payments have been so NICE! just my two cents.

    • Ugh I know! I desperately would love a reliable car that I could pay off and not have to worry about but the lure of a temporary car payment ( and a new car every few years) is throwing a wrench in that! Thanks for your two cents! I appreciate it 🙂

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