Book Review: Affinity

Not gonna lie…I’ve totally been dreading and postponing this review for awhile. Why? Because I got the book on super-clearance at Border’s going-out-of-business sale (we’re talking like $1.25 folks) and really didn’t know much about it that it was supposed to be about a crazy lady in jail. Affinity was written in 1999 by Sarah Waters and follows the aftermath of Margaret Prior’s life post-her father’s death. Margaret wanted to do some good in life (she also tried to commit suicide) and by getting out of the house and heading to Millbank, a woman’s prison, she found that she was able to bring (in her mind) some peace and comfort to the woman prisoners by lending an ear to listen or some company during their drab day.

The trouble begins when Margaret stumbles upon Selina Dawes, a medium/spiritualist, who is at Millbank because she is accused of murdering a woman, whom Selina said died at the hands of a spirit named Peter Quick. Selina is eerie and seductive and Margaret (who is hinted as being a lesbian) is immediately drawn to Selina’s magnetic persona. Margaret begins to spend more and more time with Selina which raises eyebrows of some of the prison guards, as Margaret is not expecting to be making “friends” with the prisons and is not supposed  to be spending more time with one over others. But Margaret becomes completely binding to Selina and quickly begins to believe Selina’s powers as a medium.

The book sounds kinda far-fetched but is actually really entertaining. The ending will surprise you as you wonder if Selina and Margaret will find peace in their lives or if Selina is actually real in her claims of spirit talk.


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