School’s Out for the Summer

WHOA! Remember waaay back in March when I announced my plan to jump back into school (kinda)? I enrolled in an HR prep class to help me study for the PHR exam in June. Well, I’ve made it through the 8 week program and am still hella nervous to take this exam. The prep class was completed online, which meant that I could take my exams and readings and everything else at my leisure. I have diligently read the books and completed all assignments, but I can feel my eyes glaze over at the thought of Laws that impact employment regulations. So, yeah. I’m nervous to take this exam.

Strategically, I signed up for the exam on June 16th which gave me just under 1 full month to go balls to the walls studying for the exam on my own terms. I mean I had 8 weeks to get a general understanding on HR concepts, right? So now I can really focus on diving back into the readings and really absorbing the concepts. Right. Wish me luck!


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