Why Hello June 1st

Some of you may have noticed that I haven’t posted about all my progress and exercising and goals of Project 25 in a long time. And when I stated that my goal was to lose 25 lbs by June 1st, I was adamant that it was going to happen. Well, it didn’t. June 1st crept up kinda fast, eh? And in addition to all of my many excuses including pulling a back muscle and tearing a tendon in my calf I have also been eating CRAP and not exercising at all like I should. So, I’m still at my initial weight of 205 lb…which at 5’8″ puts me right at obese (barely). I’m not obese in the TLC “I’m 600 lbs and loving it sense” because I’m actually quite athletic, but I have a nice spare tire and some bigger arms than I’d like and it would be great to just trim down a bit and tone up.

While I’m still holding on to my goal of losing 25 lbs … I’m now aiming for the end of the summer. Let’s say at the end of September to not get too wild and crazy. That gives me a cushion to aim for about 1 – 1.5 lbs per week and will hopefully put me down to 180, with an eventual goal of 165. So everything is not perfect and I didn’t meet my goal and I’m still kinda down about my weight. But at least I recognize that I need a change and once I switch it into gear, I know I’ll feel a lot better, be a lot happier and feel accomplished in what I did.


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