Closer to a car decision

Awhile back I talked about the problems with my VW Jetta (ahm – you shouldn’t ever buy a VW. ever.) and was weighing options between leasing and buying a new car. I’m still going back and forth but am leaning more towards maybe buying something that I love and can have for a very long time. Then there’s the cost factor. Why are all the vehicles that I really like over $20,000? And why did my bankruptcy give me such terrible credit (hides head in shame) that I’m faced with a possible 8% APR or higher? I may be forced to lease.

Through work, I get a really good deal on Chevy’s. Not that I’m a Chevy gal. But hey! It’s better than NO discount at Honda or Toyota. (We’re talking like $5,000 off of the MSRP discount). Yeah. Balla! So, I’m stressed out and excited about this. Excited because I get to trade in Sophie and get some NEW and nicer. Stressed because of all the money stuff related to this. We’re shooting for fall for this all to go down. So I have lots of time to wait and worry 🙂


One thought on “Closer to a car decision

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