Eat Kansas City: Fiorellas

I should have just named this post, “Or why I haven’t made my goal weight.”

I recently traveled to Kansas City, MO for a work conference and you know what that means, right? BBQ! They are known for their BBQ eats, and of course my team wanted to sample some of the local flavors on our first night. Our hotel recommended a local BBQ place called Fiorellas … luckily it was about a mile away so we could walk there and back (which was good for after eating a hearty meal!).

I tried the two meat lunch special which was massive…and got some spare ribs (I think they were baby dinosaurs) and beef brisket. Our service wasn’t too stellar…the food took a long time to come out and they even served our coleslaw about 15 minutes earlier than our food. I like to eat coleslaw as a pallet cleanser in between bites not as an appetizer.

The sauce was a bit spicey but had a great tang to it. My biggest problem were the ribs itself. They were all fat with barely any meat to them. The beef brisket, though, was amazing. It melted in your mouth and was just really delicious. I don’t think that Fiorellas was the best BBQ place I’ve been to, I’d even wager that Famous Dave’s is probably better. But maybe I’ll return to KC to try out some other local BBQ places sometime!


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