Happy Birthday 2 Me!

I turned 29 over Memorial Day weekend (Ok, actually on Memorial Day) and after a whirlwind trip to Kansas City, I headed off to Ohio to meet up with JP who had already driven to the state to visit with her family. I had a really good time, as always, and was even treated to a birthday treat!

JP’s family had their annual Memorial Day cook-out at their house which always, always, always has great food. The next day was my big birthday and we headed to Amish country in Ohio. I’m not going to lie, the Amish fascinate me. Plain clothes, no electricity and no Facebook? What?! I can’t imagine. But somehow these people have made it work for years! There were cute little antique shops all lined up down the main street in this area…full of old stuff and even newer things made by people in the Amish community. Amish ran the stores and yes, it was weird to see them with cell phones. I thought you couldn’t use technology. Apparently some of them are more progressive than others.

A&J Furniture, how can we help you?

We stopped at Guggisberg cheese factory to scoop up some treats (they had the creamiest Amish Swiss cheese ever), and also stopped by an awesome winery called Breitenbach which had the best sangria flavored wine slushies ever. They were perfect on a 90 degree day! Then we stopped in town and walked up and down the main street that had tons and tons of small shops ran by the Amish. Some stores were filled with antiques that reminded me of my grandfather’s garage and some had new items or things made by the women in the community.

After our shopping we headed to lunch and we were starving. We headed to Der Dutchman for some broasted chicken. Seriously. Hands down, the best chicken I’ve ever had. The outside was ultra crispy and the inside was super juicy! We were talking about it for days!

So that was my birthday adventure! I hope everyone had a fun Memorial Day weekend! We’re gearing up for a fun festival-filled weekend in the city! Can’t wait! Summers in Chicago are the best!


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