Eat Kansas City: Bristol Seafood Grill

During my work trip last week to Kansas City, my team stopped by the Bristol Seafood Grill for a nice, relaxing, semi-upscale dinner. As the avid deal grabber, not-ashamed coupon clipper, I scored a Foursquare check in deal for a free appetizer and we also had a free appetizer from the hotel concierge who recommended the restaurant to us! Sweet!

The meal kicked off of with hot-out-of-the-oven cheese biscuits served with a honey butter…it was seriously to-die-for.

The Bristol had some great selections on appetizers such as tempura shrimp sushi rolls, lobster tamale, and New England lobster rolls. In the end, we settled on the calamari and the smoked salmon flatbread. I believe that flatbread was epic. The salmon was thinly sliced and it was roasted deliciously. It also had some capers on it with a garlic white sauce. Yum!

Yummy appetizers from Bristol Seafood Grill.

Best part of those appys? Free. They were both stinking free. For my entree I settled on the day’s fresh fish selection and chose the Atlantic Salmon with a side of grilled asparagus and Parmesan roasted yukon gold potatoes. The meal was sized just right after diving snacking on those awesome appetizers. Everything was seasoned nicely and even the fish was prepared well.

Atlantic Salmon with aspargus and yukon gold potatoes.

Overall the meal was delicious and was probably the best meal I ate the entire time.  They fly their fish out daily, so even though you are plopped right in the middle of the US, you can enjoy an amazing fresh fish dinner with no worries. I’d definitely recommend eating here if you ever stop in KC and you’re over the whole BBQ…but really, who’s ever over BBQ?!


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