Hey Stranger!

Did you notice I was MIA last week? I did. I was immersed in full-out panic study mode trying to prep for my upcoming PHR exam that was on Saturday. I enrolled in a HR Professional Certification class in March, all to really prep me for a major certification exam on the HR field which is granted by HRCI. The class was online and although it cost an arm and a leg, it was pretty easy to pass (hello open book). But when the class ended in May and I learned I passed, I was suddenly worried that I had almost exactly one month to REALLY prepare for my actual exam.

The PHR testing period is usually in a 2 month time frame twice a year. It costs about $300 to take this exam, and it has a 59% pass rate. Wonderful. So, let’s just say I was a bit nervous to actually absorb this material I’ve been reading over the past three months. As the date for the exam edged closer, I realized that I didn’t feel prepared. I took the pre-exams offered by SHRM’s prep website, I reviewed flash cards on quizlet.com and played the Scatter game (word match) until my eyes fell out.

I was very nervous going into the test. I just wasn’t confident in my ability to memorize everything that I needed to pass the test. As I sat in front of the computer screen, I felt my mind begin to jumble everything, my eyes begin to cross and my finger magically began to skip answers (you can skip and return to them later). After I got through the entire exam, I went back and completed the questions I skipped. After that I still had about an hour left so I went through the entire exam from the beginning to make sure my answers made sense to me. And then after all the questions were answers, my heart pounded in my chest as finally called it and submitted my exam. There was a little awkwardness from submitting the exam and anticipating the results from the facilitator. I was so excited that I forgot to completely close out of the exam…but once the paper printed, she turned around with a big smile and said, “Congratulations! You passed!” I seriously almost threw up. It was one of the most accomplished feelings I’ve ever had in my life, and I’m so grateful that I made that goal for this year and I accomplished it!

Next up is joining SHRM and getting AIRS training. Hopefully, I’ll be able to complete that before the end of the year! What neat things have you accomplished this year so far? Can you believe half of the year is already almost over!?


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